Computerized Tensile Testing Machine 1.3DS

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Tensile testing machine(Table Top Model) capacity upto 0-10 kgf to 0-50 kgf

Write Up for Computerised Tensile Testing Machine for all the Three Models 1.3D.

  • Computerized Tensile Testing Machine having LCD Display unit which shows Load , Elongation,  Last samples Maximum Load, Elongation at the time of auto reverse. Controller can save  last 5 samples readings  .
  • Tensile, Comprassive, Flexural, Shear, Bend, Bond, peel ,etc test can be carried out without making any change in the panel.
  • Speed variation through AC/DC Variable Drive , Stepper & Servo Control  
  • The accuracy of the machine is within its tolerance limit of + or – 1%.
  • Force Measurement will be available  in Kg ,Newton, KN & MPA.
  • Elongation through Encoader  for high accuracy .
  • Auto Reverse  & Auto Break facility.
  • Over load & over travel facility  are provided in controller.
  • Computer Connection Through 9 pin serial Port( RS 232)
  • Over load  & Over Travel safety also provided.
  • Speed Control through software programme.
  • Software can calculate the results as per below:-  
  • Maximum Load
  • Elongation at maximum load
  • Elongation percentage at maximum Load
  • Tensile Strength at maximum Load
  • Break load
  • Elongation at Break Load
  • Elongation percentage at break load
  • Tensile strength at break load
  • Yield Load
  • Elongation at Yield Load
  • Elongation percentage at Yield load
  • Tensile strength at Yield load
  • Modulus of Elasticity
  • You can see results in  any  unit  KG/cm2, KG/mm2, N/cm2, N/mm2, KN/cm2, KN/mm2 & MPA. Software will calculate all the data as per the unit selection.

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