Digital Tensile Testing Machine 1.3DS

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Specifications of the Digital Tensile Testing Machine are as below:-
  • Tensile testing machine(Table Top Model) capacity upto 0-100 kgf & 0-250 kgf.
  • Imported guide rods for vibrationless travell
  • Linear Motion Bearing for friction less travell at high speed.
  • Over Load safety
  • Over Travell Safety
  • Auto reverse function after complition of test
  • Auto stop function
  • PMDC Gear Motor & Drive for varible speed
  • Unit selection KG, N & KN
  • Encoader for High accuracy in Elongation/ Extension
  • 4 Line LCD Display Unit
  • Last 5 samples readings will be saved in controller
  • Single load cell & Double load cell both the facility  
  • are available as per party’s requirement.

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